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To our new website for 2018, we hope you enjoy listening to the station. We have invested a lot into giving you the station you hear today from our humble start back in 1998.

We first broadcast online, before broadband and on a dial up (remember that). Our aim was to give people who love producing and presenting radio a chance to get their shows aired and free.

We have moved on massively since the 90’s and now with high speed broadband, mobile devices we had to make sure our listeners were able to hear us on these new players. 2018 has arrived and again we push forward into bringing more LIVE programing meaning even more passionate radio people can get a chance to get on the station and with your help I am sure the future is getting even brighter the older we all get. So welcome and please enjoy your more music station.


Listen on our Android app

This is a great way to listen to us on the move, and its FREE visit google play store and search “Impactlive”



Impactlive would like to publicly acknowledge  the help and support giving to us by our station sponsor for 2017. We hope they will continue to support the station

as their help and investment keeps the station online. We thank them for this and long may we continue into the new year together.

The Big Saturday Night Show