Join Us


Here at ImpactLive we offer anyone who can present a LIVE / recorded Show playing great music.

Here is what you will need:

  • Computer or Laptop – with line in soundcard
  • Audio Mixer – Balanced or unbalanced
  • Microphone – Studio one if poss.
  • Playout Software – We use ZarraRadio, search its free and easy to use.

We can help and advice on getting your show on the station.

What we Offer:

  • Technical support
  • Help with FREE encoders – LIVE
  • Provide a stream for you to broadcast your show – LIVE
  • Free email address – for listener contact – LIVE / RECORDED ONLY FOR STATION


  1. No bad language – ALL SHOWS
  2. No chatrooms – ALL SHOWS
  3. Run station imaging / Commercials when broadcasting exclusively for us – LIVE / RECORDED ONLY FOR STATION
  4. All station output will be monitored – ALL SHOWS
  5. All station related email addresses will be monitored – LIVE / RECORDED ONLY FOR STATION
  6. FREE stream account to be used for station output only – LIVE
  7. No advertising the FREE stream details to a third party – LIVE
  8. Management decision is final, any breaking of these rules will result in you loosing your show – ALL SHOWS

All this is FREE to you, if you record your show, a demo must be submitted before confirmation of transmission time and date, these can be sent via we transfer or drop box download.

Together we can be a great station, let’s build a nice presenter team.