The Late Show

Hi guys!
My name is Paul Owen Hunter AKA Chunk, I’m a chef, podcaster, writer and host and producer of The Late Show. I was born and raised within a typically northern household in Consett, County Durham before moving to Manchester when I was 16 then on to work in France, Ireland and all over the UK! I played guitar in a few bands then bought some turntables followed by creating music on various software on my computer, it was later that I realised there was a voice needed for all the new music people and I’ve really took the bull by the ….horns?
I’m 33 and my interests include competing in poker tournaments, playing guitar and song writing, cooking (at work and for friends and family) I write for the local Consett Magazine, I produce a community podcast in Consett, County Durham covering local news, events, charity projects and I also produce our show The Late Show on Radio Scarborough and I also work at Knitsley Farm Shop full-time too!
I am very interested in All Music, new and old, and I also have a good interest in paranormal studies and research, UFO’s and The After-Life which is a universe of interesting topics, discussions and possibilities itself so if you too share my interest in these fields, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can debate whatever topic you’d like to bring up.
The Late Show
The Late Show, my absolute baby, brings brand new music to the masses, signed or unsigned artists/ bands/producers/musicians can E-mail me one of their creations, and if it has potential to be an absolute legendary track I’ll play it on the 3-hour show. The Late Show encourages all artists of literally whatever level and genre to interact, and so far, the bar has been set at a super high standard. Everything from Middlesbrough’s legendary female hip hop MC to Scottish Rock and London Soul! I have numerous people very interested in our #newmusichere2stay including various record labels and Events and PR companies to the opportunity for bands and artists to be found from key listeners are also great too, we work closely with other #newmusic shows and organisations to ‘share’ fantastic new talented artists and help widen the audience for all participating creators. So if you are involved with a music project or are in a band, make sure to E-Mail me an MP3 of one of your creations to the E-Mail address you’ll find below and please please please get in touch, maybe I can play you a track or give you or a loved one a mention on the show. My Instagram is updated regularly and you can find me on Facebook via the links provided.
Also, thank you to ALL the listeners and everyone who has supported the show and the podcasts so far. I really hope one day, an artist or band will network a connection to a record label through the show that could change things in their lives forever. I’ll be trying my upmost but whatever happens, it’s just great to interact with you all and play great #new music which is definitely…
Big Up and Tune In!!!

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LIVE – Monday night 6pm – 9pm.